Buyers Tips

Before you get here

Store up all them small notes and euro coins. If you really like to get the most out of your deals then bring 50 cents too.

Bring a reusable bag or ruck sack, you might buy something big at the start and you don’t want to carry it around all day so throw it into the ruck sack and off to the next stall.

Look at the weather forecast, if its going to be raining in ratoath then don’t turn up in shorts. If its going to be a sunny 21 degrees, then leave the coat in the boot of your car.

Keep your wits about you, all our stall traders keep an eye out on our market goers but any large crowd can bring along opportunists, so keep your valuables zipped away and out of sight.

Arrive early, nothing worse than rushing around and not having time to go around the second time to be sure you got everything you needed. It’s a big place, time can get away from you.

When you get here

You will be directed where to park so don’t worry about that. Park your car, check in to fairyhouse Sunday Market on facebook and make your friends jealous.

Know the value of the items you are buying, especially if you are planning on selling them on

Everyone likes a haggle but you catch more bees with sugar than vinegar. Being polite and bantering will always get you a better deal than trying to hard ball in a market in Ireland.

As with all markets, you buy as seen, so ask if you can pick up the item, look for wear and tear, ask if it’s in working order. If it’s an electrical good and the stall has a plug they will show you its in full working order before you buy.

The most popular goods will be at the front, so if your looking for something bespoke then look at all the stall has to offer, maybe what your looking for is in the back.

If the trader has similar items but not exactly what you need, ask them if they can source it for you, most likely they could have it there for you next week.

Before you leave

Do a second lap of the market, you don’t want to drive home and put the key in the door only to face palm yourself because you forgot to go back for that special item before leaving.

If you couldn’t reach a price with a seller the first time, maybe a cheeky smile might get you closer to the price you wanted but always remember that sellers also deserve a fair price.

If you can’t reach a price with a seller leave your number with them and after the day is over you might get a call with a final offer.

If you see something that someone might want, call them to see if they want you to pick it up for them. Could be an elderly neighbour, good karma coming your way if you do that.

If your happy with what you got then post a photo of your bargains you got on social media and tag us in them, we love seeing that.