Sellers Tips

Before you arrive

Make sure you have enough of a float of small notes / coins. Carrier bags and any packaging materials if needed.

Bring a friend, they can get you a coffee while your serving customers and then don’t forget the toilet break after the coffee too.

Know the value of your items, know your RRP and then know the price you can’t go below if you want to haggle.

Bring a portable table or whatever you want to display the products on. Bring any printed material of information, hand outs, prices, etc.

Get here early, doors open for traders at 5:30 and then the public start arriving at 6:30. Pack the night before so you don’t miss the early buyers who normally are fast, easy buyers that could clear you out.

Before you pack the items make sure they are working, in good condition and nothing left in them. For example money left in coat pockets or holiday snaps in your bikini on that digital camera your selling

Put up on your facebook / Instagram / twitter account that your going to be at Fairyhouse Sunday market this Sunday to allow your friends and family to come along to support you and buy some items.

When you get here

Set up your stall quickly, if customers arrive before your ready its ok to say your not ready, don’t get flustered and end up selling an item for less than you needed.

The same with any shop, have the items that will attract people over at the front, maybe you have a great bargain that people can’t turn down and then once you have them over to the stall they see the more valuable items. Think about the layout of the items as it can really help upsell more items.

If you have 30 of the same item, you don’t have to display all 30, put 5-6 out in a nice display and replenish the sold stock. A nicely laid out stall will attack more attention than a bargain basement jumbled stall

At our car boot sale if you have the boot open then have all the other doors locked.

As with any market, it can attract opportunists, so have eyes in the back of your head to look out for your items. Don’t get distracted by one person while another is pocketing your goods.

While Selling your items

If you want to haggle then let the customer know it’s a fixed price and no margin to move at all. If you do want to haggle then know what your bottom line is and don’t go below that, try get as close to your asking price as possible

Be polite and friendly, your goal is to make a sale, we understand some customers might test your patience but they might be the one that comes back and spends the most amount of money on your products.

Have a strategy and stick to it, if you have deals then advertise them from the start, don’t plan to drop prices later in the day as foot fall could be less in the late afternoon than it was in the morning. Your goal is to sell the most amount of product at a reasonable price.

If it’s a large bulky items its ok to take a significant deposit to hold the item but let the buyer know when you are leaving and also take their name / phone number.

If it is a bulky item they might ask you if you can deliver, if you can have that answer ready then it could be the difference between making the sale and loosing it. Take their deposit / payment and then take their name and phone number.

Enjoy the market, the other stall traders will welcome you and you might as well take some time out for yourself to enjoy the market. That is if you took our advice to bring a friend to mind the stall while you walk around.

Use social media to tell people about your day and let them know you will be back next week, tag us in your posts and we will try repost them.