Terms and Conditions of Trading

Please read carefully as any breach of the rules will result in the loss of your pitch at Fairyhouse Market.

Traders accepted to trade will be on a trial period of one month, which does not guarantee a permanent pitch.

  1.  All market traders must pay in advance prior to trading. Traders must pay for all days that the market is open, with no exceptions.
  2.  Traders must set up no later than 9.30am. Any pitch not set up by that time will be allocated to another trader. Traders must check- in each market day before trading.
  3.  All stalls must remain open all day during trading hours 9:30am – 4:30pm.
  4.  No stall may be vacated prior to 5pm.  Any trader leaving before 9:30pm may lose their pitch.
  5.  Traders must be packed up and off the premises by 7pm. Traders on the premises after 7pm will not be tolerated.
  6.  Only stall types agreed with the management may be used at the market.
  7.  Any stall that does not meet requirements or is deemed of unsuitable design will not be allowed at the market.
  8.  Stalls must be presented to a high standard. Stall presentation is important to the overall appearance of the Market.
  9.  Any special requirements should be discussed with the management before applying and must be  indicated on your application form.
  10. Only goods detailed on the application form may be displayed and sold. You will be asked to remove any goods for which you have not applied.
  11. The management reserve the right to prohibit trading if the standard of work, display or cleanliness fail to meet standards.
  12. The position and allocation of stalls is at the discretion of the Management. Allocation is designed for overall benefit of the market and is FINAL.
  13. Subletting of space is strictly prohibited and may result in exclusion from the market.
  14. The agreed size of your stall is the total area allowed. Display items must be kept within the agreed area and must not obstruct access or pedestrian walkways.
  15. All indoor traders must be unloaded and vehicles removed by 9.30am. While unloading indoor traders must ensure their goods and vehicle do no obstruct any other traders.  Vehicles must be removed BEFORE stall is set up.
  16. No vehicles may enter the market during trading times.
  17. Under no circumstances are traders to leave any litter, which includes boxes, plastic bags, hangers, etc. Each individual trader is responsible for his area.  No excuse will be accepted for leaving litter.   Any trader who breaches this rule will lose their pitch. 
  18. Traders and their agents shall comply with all current and future rules, notices and regulations.
  19. The use of flammable equipment must be agreed with the management before the application is accepted. Explosive or otherwise dangerous materials or equipment is strictly prohibited.
  20. Fixing to property of any material or goods in such a way as to cause damage or marks is strictly prohibited.
  21. The use of high-powered halogen lights is prohibited.
  22. Traders must not use plugs or sockets or any other electricity supply without prior arrangement with the management.
  23. Under no  circumstances may a trader allow any member of the public to test electrical appliances in sockets in their stall area.
  24. Traders who bring their children to the market must keep them under strict control.
  25. Traders will be liable for any loss or damage occasioned to the site or equipment or injury to himself or other persons, as a result of their negligence and must hold their own public liability insurance indemnifying the management.
  26. The distribution of leaflets or other documents on behalf of persons or events is not permitted without prior arrangement with the management.
  27. Traders engaging in any conduct considered detrimental to Fairyhouse Market or its management will be requested to leave the market with immediate effect, without recourse.
  28. Fairyhouse Market Management reserve the right to substitute, waive or change without notice, any details of the market or booking conditions and procedures.
  29. Failure to comply with any of the above conditions and rules will result in cancellation of all future trading at Fairyhouse Market.


Food stalls must have a CURRENT HSE  letter confirming they are approved by their Environmental Health Officer and a copy of that letter must be attached to the application form.

A photo of the food unit together with a menu must also be attached to the application form.  Upon acceptance to trade only items agreed upon may be sold.   Food stalls must use sensible risk management of health and safety and food traders MUST  be in possession of a current HACCP certificate.

ALL cooking appliances must be kept out of reach of the public and away from direct contact with any canopy/gazebo being used by the trader and employees.  The cooking area must not be accessible by the public at any time.  All cables must be out of harms way and traders must keep safety as the highest priority for the public, employees and themselves.

Use of any electrical or gas appliances must be properly supervised.  Petrol generators are not  acceptable.  Diesel generators should be located to ensure exhaust fumes do not cause a nuisance.

Catering units providing hot food should have 1 no. 2kg dry powder extinguisher and 1 no. 1 m2 light duty fire blanket.

If using a deep fat fryer one 9 litre foam type extinguisher is required.  Caterers using liquid petroleum gas (LPG) must ensure it is kept out of reach of the public and must be stored and handled in accordance with regulations. If a food unit does not have built in storage for LPG then a cage housing the LPG bottle is required.  Domestic LPG bottles should not be used.  Portable gas and liquid fuel heaters may not be used.

Smoking in or around catering units is prohibited at all times.

Each food unit must have a first aid kit.

For further information:

0872462002 / 0876372558